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Crooked Creek Birch

Alaska Birch Syrup

Alaska Birch Syrup

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Birch syrup from the snowy boreal forest of Alaska. Our small batch syrup is produced from the sap of the Alaska Birch (Betula neoalaskana). A taste unique to Alaska and one that is sure to please. 

Birch syrup requires 110 gallons of sap to make just 1 gallon of syrup. In comparison, maple syrup is 40 gallons of sap to 1 gallon of syrup. The birch season is short (3 weeks) but intense and is a pure labor of love.

Birch syrup has a beautifully complex taste that pairs well with savory foods as well as sweet. It has a much different flavor than maple but can be used similarly. Our family enjoys a splash of it mixed with unsweetened soda water as a "healthy soda."

We hope you enjoy our family's passion and the flavorful culinary experience of 100% Alaska birch syrup.

Sizing information: 

Small 1.76oz (50ml) comes in a small glass flask style bottle.
Medium 3.4oz (100ml) comes in a medium glass flask style bottle.
Large 6.8oz (200ml) comes in a large glass flask style bottle.

Sampler Pack comes with three 2oz (60ml) bottles including one early run, one mid run and one late run as shown in the 2nd photo.

Single Square Bottle comes in a 2oz square bottle.

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