• Henry and Jenn - Crooked Creek Birch Founders

    Meet Founders Henry and Jenn Dera

    Outdoor enthusiasts Henry and Jenn tapping birch trees recreationally as soon as they relocated to Alaska with their 3 young children. The sweet and unique flavors in the spring are something they look forward to after the long and dark Alaska winters. After several years of fine tuning their methods, they decided to offer their product to customers and Crooked Creek Birch was born.

    With a love for the land, sea, sustainable harvesting and forest preservation they bring your their labor of love, wild Alaska birch syrup from the Betula neoalaska tree. Unique to Alaska and northern areas, Alaska birch syrup has a delicious and complex flavor. Not to be compared to it’s close companion, maple syrup, birch syrup has a completely different flavor profile. It’s perfect for both savory and sweet recipes, on top of ice cream or a splash on soda water. With a ratio of 110 gallons or birch sap to 1 gallon of syrup and a short 3 week season, it’s truly liquid gold and they are proud to share their product with y